Fish Report for 4-9-2023

A phenomenal two day trip with a great charter group

Shon Roberts

A phenomenal two day trip with a great charter group. Thank you Mike Najar !!! We spent the first day loading up the bags to the brim and then day two we went scouting. We made a little bit of squid and saw some sign of yellowtail in the morning, but did not catch any. We spent the rest of the day, drifting in the shallows for phenomenal halibut fishing. We have a overnight charter that has spots available on it Tuesday night and a day and a half trip departing Wednesday night. If you’re interested in the overnight, leaving Tuesday night message me directly or give me a call and I’ll get you on it. Both of these trips will be on the same program. We have had off and on success on the Seabass as well recently, and we are coming off of this full moon which should bring better conditions !!! @22ndstreetlanding