Fish Reports

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BFT Limits on The Pride

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Returning from an absolute pleasure of a day and a half trip. Fantastic group of people with some fantastic fishing.... more »

Shon Roberts

Open party trips are now up for November and December

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We have been getting lots of questions and our open party trips are now up for November and December. These... more »

Shon Roberts

Last-minute cancellation this weekend

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Hey guys, we had a last-minute cancellation this weekend and we threw up a open party overnight trip targeting bluefin... more »

Shon Roberts
  • - This season is showing no sign of slowing down - Reservations are crucial for any open parties in the coming months. We are chartered every weekend till the end of... more »
  • - The fantastic fishing continues - The fantastic fishing continues with excellent Dorado fishing and plenty of shots at bigger bluefin at night. We only have... more »
  • - Dodo Bite Has Been Fire- Paddy Hopping Trip Departing Tomorrow Morning - We returned from a 1.5 Day trip with 16 anglers on board and landed 3 Bluefin Tuna, 23 Dolphinfish. We have... more »
  • - Last min open party leaving tonight at 10 pm fishing offshore !! - Last min open party leaving tonight at 10 pm fishing offshore !!!! @22ndstreetlanding ... more »
  • - Pretty good combo platter!!! - Pretty good combo platter!!!! Some good chances at good grade tuna from 40-200 pounds and lost our fair share. Then... more »
  • - Seabass Speical Openings - One of our charters had a group of 12 cancel and we just opened it up as a open charter.... more »
  • - The insane fishing continues!!! - The insane fishing continues!!! We couldn’t be more blessed and lucky. To all the people calling asking about charters for... more »
  • - White Seabass Action Has Been Excellent - The Pride checked in with us with a wrap up report for the last 2 Overnight Trips that they have... more »
  • - Steady fishing continues!!! - Steady fishing continues!!! Hopefully this weather keeps up and let’s us keep rolling !!! Very fun 2 day Seeker Charter... more »
  • - Reverse 1.5 leaving this Wednesday Seabass Special - We just threw on a reverse 1.5 leaving this Wednesday morning and it will be fishing Seabass and Yellows strictly.... more »